We take pride in volunteering and giving back to our community. Join us at our next volunteer project and help us to make a big impact in our community one project at at a time.

Upcoming Volunteer Projects

  • Spring 2020 


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Headwaters Realty Community Engagement Program

The Headwaters Realty volunteer program began in June 2014. We have two main focus areas: education and the environment. As a company, we organize four volunteer projects per year that fit into one of the above focus areas. 

We invite our past and present clients, friends, and families to join us at our volunteer projects. We are committed to making our volunteering efforts an integral part of how we do business. A portion of all commissions goes towards our community engagement projects. 

We hire agents who also believe in this mission and each agent organizes one volunteer project per year with the local nonprofit of their choice. Although we are a small company, we are able to make a big impact with the help of our clients, family and friends.


Past Volunteer Events




  • December 6 - 5th Brokerage Project - Blanket Making for Muphy Center for Hope - Children in Need Event - CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

  • October 20 - 4th Brokerage Project - Colorado Youth Outdoors - CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

  • August 30 - 3rd Brokerage Project - Gardens on Spring Creek - CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

  • April 14 - 2nd Brokerage Project - Teaching Tree Early Childhood Learning Center - CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

  • February 14 - 1st Brokerage ProjectHelping with Engineering Discovery Week at Shepardson Elementary School - CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS


  • December 2017 - Blanket Making for Homeless Gear Children in Need Event - CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

  • October 26 - 3rd Brokerage Project - Homeless Gear Children In Need Clothing Donation Drive - CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

  • July 22- 2nd Brokerage Project - High Plains Environmental Center with CSU Everitt Real Estate Center - CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

  • April 1 - 1st Brokerage Project - House of Neighborly Service - CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS







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