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Reasons to join Headwaters Realty

Benefits and Resources

As a Licensed Agent you will be provided with the following resources, which are funded by monthly fees and the commission split.

  • 98% Commission split with 2% going to community projects with competitive desk fee

  • OR Competitive split with low desk fee

  • Professional Showing Service

  • Headwaters Realty Email Address

  • Optional Lead Generation

  • Featured Listings on Website for Clients

  • Professional Development Resources

  • Community Engagement Project

  • Printer, Fax, Scanner, and Copier, Office Phone, Office space 

  • Website for Your Own Development

  • First Name Badge, First Set of Business Cards

  • Google Business Apps, Agent Calendar, Agent Email, Agent Document Sharing

  • 1st Yard Sign

  • Lower Cost E&O Insurance

  • Transaction Coordination

  • Monthly Sales Meetings

  • CE Credit Opportunities

  • Knowledge Center

Mentorship Program 

Headwaters Realty offers a mentorship program for new agents that is designed to help them succeed in this industry. The program formally includes weekly team sessions and individual meetings with the mentor(s). In addition to the scheduled meetings, the mentor(s) are available to help the new agents with daily tasks.

This mentorship is structured over a six month time frame which allows the new agents to gain valuable experience and skills as they begin developing their career in real estate.

Professional Development

Headwaters Realty takes the utmost pride in mentoring and training our agents. We know there are important steps in building a personal brand, and developing the skills to distinguish oneself in the real estate industry. Agents have access to the knowledge center, where resources, educational articles, and additional professional development documents are available in order for the agents to continually build their knowledge. Headwaters Realty offers training courses in order to foster an atmosphere of growth and help agents to continue to develop professionally. Headwaters Realty cultivates growth in agents through participation in the Mentorship Program.

Interested in Getting Your Real Estate License? 

The first step is to learn more about what it means to be a Real Estate Agent. 


Take the 10 week Headwaters Institute Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course. Click here for more information.

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